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We provide specialized programs within the Pathways Project to support driven players interested in exploring alternative career paths.

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The Pathways Project takes in cohorts aged 15-22. Embracing inclusivity, we collaborate with both male and female candidates, envisioning a world where your game propels you beyond the field, unlocking new opportunities.

Our mission is to provide a tailored framework for you, addressing personal career uncertainties and challenges post-football, whether it's feeling low or not knowing where to start. The project empowers players, guiding them through seamless career transitions.

Recognising the skills gained by individuals with athletic backgrounds, we step in to ensure your skills shine beyond the field. So, get ready, because at the Pathways Project, your journey continues.



Working together with clubs, current and ex-players and industry we aim to improve the number of ex-players transitioning into careers.

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15-22 y.o.


15-22 y.o.



If you are interested in becoming a part of this project, please do not hesitate to reach out. We welcome the opportunity to connect with you.




Is the Pathways Project only for players no longer pursuing a football career? +

We do believe in focusing on football until it is no longer a viable option because we believe in the dream. It's designed to help individuals explore diverse career options if they believe football is no longer viable.

What is the Pathways Project, and who is it designed for? +

The Pathways Project is a career transition initiative designed for footballers aged 15-22, with a focus on professional academy players. It aims to guide them through exploring diverse career pathways beyond football.

How can I apply to be a part of the Pathways Project? +

To apply, simply fill out the online form, sharing details about your passion for football and your interest in other career opportunities. We'll review your application and get back to you with the next steps.

What industries does the Pathways Project cover? +

The project spans various industries, including tech, property, gaming, and finance. Our goal is to help you discover and navigate potential career paths aligned with your skills and interests.

How does the Pathways Project support players in their career transitions? +

We provide a tailored framework addressing personal uncertainties and challenges post-football. The project aims to empower players, offering guidance and resources for a seamless transition into alternative careers.

What distinguishes the Pathways Project from other career transition programs? +

The Pathways Project stands out by providing industry-specific support to maximize young players' potential beyond the pitch.

How long will it take to find out if I’ve been accepted onto the program? +

It will take a few days for our team to review your application and inform you of the outcome.

How long do you provide support for players on the program? +

There is no time limit to the support provided. We are committed to assisting players as long as they wish to explore alternative career paths.

Is there mental health support provided on the program? If so, what exactly? +

Yes, we understand the importance of mental health. The Pathways Project offers access to a network of mental health practitioners who can provide support tailored to the unique challenges faced by players during their career transitions.

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